The Winklevoss ETF hitting Wall Street is big news. Can’t wait to see what happens.


After reading the article, its explains how the winklevoss are going to make there money, and that is off the fees on Gemini exchange.

This sounds reasonable and if there is a good correlation to the exchange traded price of Bitcoin and the Wall street priced bitcoin, it will be good for all parties.  Lets hope that is how everything goes down. Essential WordPress Plugins for 2016 v1.1


Here is the updated list of WordPress plugins 2016 v1.1 that I am currently using:


Akismet – spam reduction
Auction Nudge – Ebay marketing
Contact Form 7 – Contact Form for interacting with customers and potential clients
facebook auto publish
Facebook By WebLizar
Facebook Login
Google AdSense
Google Adsense Dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – see your website stats.
Jetpack by
MailChimp for WordPress
MailChimp Forms by MailMunch
SEO Friendly Images
WP Socializer
WP Statistics
WP Twitter Autopost
Yoast SEO
facebook auto publish
Facebook By WebLizar
Facebook Login
Google AdSense
Google Adsense Dashboard

Getting Started in Business: Get a $20 dollar android phone or $35 dollar tablet

A 20 dollar android phone can be indispensable for you to get started in business.  Keep this phone just for your business.  Do not put social numbers or connections on it or more than one game.  Even if you don’t have a phone line or data, you can use the Wifi.  It will help you keep your social accounts such as shapchat separate, your twitter and facebook pages separate, this way it won’t gunk up your personal life.  The key is to have a cheap phone to start and the price point that any entrepreneur can afford is twenty dollars.


Maybe you can find a used phone that is good on craigslist, but these are the best twenty dollar android options from Amazon:

I think the descent range for android phones is above 20 and maybe even 35.  you can get an 8 inch tablet for $35 so lets look through Amazon and see what we can find.

This is the cheapest tablet i can find.  35 dollars for your business it also has 8 gigs internal so that is enough for all the huge android applications that you will want to put on this device.  I can’t believe that tablets are just appliances now, you can enter the future for super cheap.  instead of going out to eat, get a device that will help you start a business.

if i were going to get a phone, i would get this one because $20 is also the right price.

realize, this is the bare minimum technology that a business needs, but as you make more money you can conceive of you business in different ways, but to get started, i think getting a device for your business might help keep you focused and organized.