What a great 2017!

2017 was an awesome year as we grew largely in the ecommerce business.  We added a bunch of independent contractors towards the end of the year for q4 and have great momentum going into 2018.  We have listed all the DVDs we have and are now pivoting into CDs and other optical media.

It turns out that crypto currency was the power play q4 and we nailed a ton of coins that have shot up.  Its really exciting going into 2018 all the work we will be able to accomplish.

Q4 Progress Report: ECommerce learning and implementation plan is going according to schedule


ECommerce is an important part of life.  Being able to buy and sell online is one of the key features of the internet.  It is very nice to be able to build an awesome business on platforms like WordPress and android.  I can’t believe the future is here and we are in it.  We are going to have to come up with the best products that we can.  For now we have been investigating the entrepreneurial world of reselling.  it’s really quite fun and I believe the lowest cost startup that you can have.  Find stuff around your house that you don’t need and resell it.  good riddance.

We will have more reviews on the available eCommerce platforms and what we are doing to turn these technologies into profits.

For the rest of this quarter, we will continue to enhance our Ebay learning and begin Amazon FBA.  Also, going to try to list about 100 products and see if anyone will pay us in Bitcoin.  Also going to add affiliate links to the site in the form of products that we support.


much love.  peace.

The Winklevoss ETF hitting Wall Street is big news. Can’t wait to see what happens.



After reading the article, its explains how the winklevoss are going to make there money, and that is off the fees on Gemini exchange.

This sounds reasonable and if there is a good correlation to the exchange traded price of Bitcoin and the Wall street priced bitcoin, it will be good for all parties.  Lets hope that is how everything goes down.

Aelox.com Essential WordPress Plugins for 2016 v1.1

Here is the updated list of WordPress plugins 2016 v1.1 that I am currently using:


Akismet – spam reduction
Auction Nudge – Ebay marketing
Contact Form 7 – Contact Form for interacting with customers and potential clients
facebook auto publish
Facebook By WebLizar
Facebook Login
Google AdSense
Google Adsense Dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard for WP – see your website stats.
Jetpack by WordPress.com
MailChimp for WordPress
MailChimp Forms by MailMunch
SEO Friendly Images
WP Socializer
WP Statistics
WP Twitter Autopost
Yoast SEO
facebook auto publish
Facebook By WebLizar
Facebook Login
Google AdSense
Google Adsense Dashboard