just created an OpenBazaar ... just created an OpenBazaar account

OpenBazaar is definitely going to be the future of peer to peer, buying and selling.  What an awesome protocol.  I suspect that both amazon and ebay will use OpenBazaar as opposed to becoming disintermediated.

Be careful on your first Ebay posting...


I’m just getting started with Ebay and my first sale went through fast.  Thankfully, it was for a small amount of bitcoin.  So what happened was, I was issued an Unauthorized charge.  I’m challenging it but it looks like I will be out five dollars worth of Bitcoin.  Luckily, the buyer left me good feedback. […]

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First Auction just sold! That was qu...

First Auction just sold!  That was quick.

We are waiting for the customer to contact and provide us with the Bitcoin Public Address and for the PayPal transaction to confirm.  This is exciting that was a really fast sale.  I may have a future in this if PayPal and Ebay work as promised.

.01 Bitcoin Auction on eBay starts at...

.01 Bitcoin Auction on eBay starts at 1 penny, $4.95 buy it now (1/19/2016)

Ebay link:  .01 of Bitcoin (BTC) sent to your wallet in 24 hours FAST mining contract is just getting started in internet and digital commerce.  I am doing my first auction for a bitcoin mining contract.  The auction lasts for five days and the mining contract also lasts for five days.  At the end […] has now been redesigned.

Aelox-Logo has been underdeveloped for the last 8 years.  Since it is a great 5 letter domain, I thought it would be a good idea to make it into something great.  I am starting off with clearing out my hoard of sportscards, vinyl records and other collectibles onto internet stores. This will enable me to […]

HipHopRap.US is now up and live.

HipHopRap.US is now up and live.

Its a new blogger blog that I’m working on.  Hope that you check it out.  Whats been good? HipHopRap.US – already has two articles. Technorati Profile is almost live using Weeb... is almost live using

I just found a new site creator called  It is free and very user friendly.  I also like how the Adsense is integrated.  It took me about five minutes to create Its a simple paragraph that I wrote and has a link to bluehost.  I’m trying to see if having the word webhost […]

SEO – Promoting ̵...

SEO – Promoting –  Simple Search on Free directories

Getting your site out to the free directories is a promotional tool I am testing: 2 Free Web Directories: Free Web Directories List of Free Web Directories